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Breed, born, and Alaskan Grown and I totally rock. The 907 has a big hold on me, Alaska is my home, it's where my friends and family are and oh soooo many good memories! An 80's child that grew up in the 90's with a gigantic love for all things rock! I don't have a crazy DJ name. It's just Susynn ... with a Y and two N's, that's crazy enough. Yep Yep. Maybe someday someone will give me one buy for now I'll keep it simple. I'm just a girl with a dream of being the best rock station in AK and look where I am ... KWHL baby. So that's a taste of me and I'm sure you'll get to know me, I'm going to be hanging around KWHL for a while.

When I'm not rocking the Whale, you usually can find me going to school at UAA, hanging out with the little man, family and friends, shooting some pool and have a beer, taking a drive just for fun and to think it out, or watching movies and chillin.

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